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So, you have tons of ideas or even a ready-made business plan that will help you become a successful entrepreneur and realize all your professional dreams. However, before jumping headlong into a new field, we recommend that you listen to the experience of other entrepreneurs. We have selected five top business books to help you start and expand your own business.


How to choose a business book


"Jedi Techniques" - Maxim Dorofeev

The first thing a future entrepreneur needs to take care of is personal effectiveness. Now you have to combine several roles at once and do as much as possible. The Jedi Techniques book and the approach described in it will help you identify the most important tasks and deal with them successfully.

Thoughtlessly postponing tasks that you hate to do now will turn the farthest corner of your to-do list into a procrastinogenic burial ground.

"On the Hook" - Nir Eyal

The product or service you produce should delight your customers. Customers should want to purchase your product and tell their friends and acquaintances about it. The book "On the Hook" will show you how to do this.

It is known that when the brain expects a reward, the level of the neurotransmitter dopamine increases dramatically. In a person, the activity of the areas responsible for judgment and thinking is suppressed, and the areas responsible for desire are activated.

"Business as a game" - Sergey Abdulmanov, Dmitry Kibkalo and Dmitry Borisov

You've probably seen or read books by Western authors on how to build your business. How does this happen in Russia? The authors of the book "Business as a Game" - the leaders of the "Mosigra" company - share their experience of creating a successful company in detail and without embellishment.

Business books are bad because they try to impose rules on you. There are no rules. There are only bikes in which there is a grain of reason. But you need to superimpose this information yourself on the scheme of your business or your life.


How to choose a business book


Clients for Life - Carl Sewell and Paul Brown

From day one of your life as an entrepreneur, you have to take care of your customers. You need to know what they want and how best to present it to them. Customers for Life will help you build the right relationships with your customers, so that they become your regular customers and recommend to others.

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