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Additionally, fiber optic cables have been found in many ways to be physically stronger and more resistant to hazards and types of traffic present in military locations than most alternatives. It is just one reason along with many reasons of why the defense sector started using fiber optic technology.

Several advantages and benefits of the use of optical fiber are ideal for application in the military sector, it makes sense to the statement that the optical fiber technology was specially invented for the military sector. Offering precise optical alignment for ideal performance, environmental protection that ensures connectivity no matter what the conditions, and corrosion resistance to ensure stable performance over a long period of time, the MIL-PRF-28876 has high performance without ever faltering is proven to perform. Optics manufacturer uses polarizing beam splitters with optical polarizer to manufacture optics.


Applications of Optical Fiber in Military

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Because of the very high steadiness of fiber optics, military services both national and international have started using fiber optic technology in their products. And since military services keep evolving and growing in their own way, the use of fiber optic technology will keep on growing day by the day. As per a report of industry published by ResearchandMarkets.com, the growth in the fiber optic cable market for military and aerospace can be attributed to the increasing commercial adoption of fiber optics and growth in platforms such as unmanned systems, space launch vehicles, and satellites. The increase in the use of fiber optic cable by armies and militaries in C4ISR applications for high-speed communication will increase the market of fiber optic cable in aerospace and the military.

The MIL-DTL-3899 is a classic example of fiber optic products available for military use because, like many others in that category, it is made available with a wide range of customizable options. It is currently available in many forms, along with various options available for many materials including composite, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel, and finishes which include cadmium, electroless nickel, and passivated, among many others.


Applications of Optical Fiber in Military


There is a huge range of accessories available for the product including test adaptors and test probes, and turnkey cable assemblies. To ensure that these fiber optic products are a perfect fit for the same wide range of military purposes, a wide range of customization options are made available. Interconnect Systems has an extensive background in aerospace and defense engineering and has helped outfit military ships, vehicles, and facilities with fiber optic products throughout its 20-year history.

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