Sizzle your way to perfection with Thermador Meat Thermometer

Welcome to our product review blog ‍post featuring the 00755060 Meat ⁢Probe Thermometer Compatible with Thermador, Bosch, BSH Range Stove, Oven, ⁢Grill, Baker, Replace 492332 00492332.​ As cooking enthusiasts, we know the importance ​of achieving the perfect internal temperature when preparing meats.⁤ This meat thermometer is designed to accurately measure the core temperature of your meat while it cooks, ensuring that it reaches the ⁣desired level of doneness.⁤ With its sharp metal probe and ⁢flexible, heat-resistant silicone cable,‍ this thermometer‍ is a valuable ⁤tool for any home chef. ⁣Join‌ us as we dive into the details of this product ⁢and ⁤share‌ our firsthand ⁢experience with using it in the kitchen.

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The 00755060 Meat Probe Thermometer​ is a must-have kitchen ⁤tool for anyone ‌who loves​ to‌ cook meat to perfection. This thermometer allows you to easily measure the​ core temperature of your meat while it’s cooking, ensuring that your dishes are cooked to ‌your desired ⁤level of doneness. With a sharp metal probe and ​a flexible heat-resistant ​silicone cable, this​ thermometer is designed‍ to seamlessly connect to your oven control board and display for accurate monitoring.

What sets this ⁤meat ‍probe thermometer apart is its compatibility with various Bosch, BSH, and Thermador oven/range stoves, making it a versatile ⁤tool for any kitchen. ⁣Made with silicone materials and a stainless steel 304 tube, this thermometer is not only ⁢durable but also efficient at measuring temperatures accurately. Whether you’re cooking beef, lamb, pork, or meaty fish,‌ this thermometer will help you achieve⁣ the perfect ⁣internal temperature every time. Don’t settle for overcooked or undercooked⁣ meat – upgrade your cooking game with the 00755060 Meat Probe Thermometer​ today!
Key Features and Highlights
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When it comes to monitoring the core temperature of​ meats while cooking, having a reliable meat thermometer is⁣ essential. ⁣The 00755060 Meat Probe ‍Thermometer is compatible with a range of Thermador, Bosch,⁤ BSH ‍models, making‌ it a versatile and convenient⁤ option for your kitchen. ​The metal probe with ⁤a sharp point is designed to be inserted into the ‍meat, providing ‍accurate temperature readings for perfectly cooked dishes.

One of the‌ standout‍ features of⁣ this meat⁢ probe thermometer is the silicone materials and stainless steel 304 tube construction. ‌This durable combination ensures longevity and accurate temperature⁤ sensing every time. The‍ flexible, heat-resistant silicone cable allows for easy connection to the oven control board and display, making it a user-friendly tool for your cooking needs. This product is ‍not only practical but also ‌easy to use, with simple instructions for accurate temperature readings to achieve the desired level⁤ of⁣ doneness in your meats. Don’t⁢ miss out on this essential kitchen tool ​– check it out on Amazon today! Check it out ⁣here.Detailed ⁤Insights and Recommendations
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Our detailed insights on the 00755060 Meat⁢ Probe Thermometer reveal its compatibility ‌with a wide range ‍of​ Bosch, BSH, and Thermador ovens and range stoves.⁢ This ​versatile tool is ⁤essential for measuring the core temperature of meats while cooking, ensuring⁢ that your ⁣dishes are cooked to ‍perfection every time. Crafted from high-quality silicone ⁢materials and stainless steel‌ 304 tube,⁤ this thermometer is durable and reliable for all your cooking needs.

In addition to its practicality, this meat probe thermometer comes ‍with cross-reference parts numbers for easy replacement ‌and installation. ⁤Its user-friendly‍ design ‍includes a flexible heat-resistant silicone cable that connects to the oven⁣ control board ⁢and display. Whether you prefer rare, ⁤medium, or well-done meats, this thermometer provides ‌accurate temperature ⁢readings to‌ help‍ you achieve your ⁢desired ⁢level of doneness. Upgrade your cooking experience today with the 00755060 Meat‍ Probe Thermometer and enjoy ​perfectly ‍cooked meals ⁣every time. Customer Reviews Analysis
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Customer Reviews Analysis

Here is ⁣a summary of what ⁢customers ⁤are saying about the 00755060 Meat Probe Thermometer:

Review Rating
Good replacement for the Wolf probe⁣ at ⁢10% of ⁣the​ cost. The​ cord‍ is 2” shorter and probe 1 ⁢1/2” ⁢longer, but ‌that isn’t a problem. 4/5
Product fit and‍ plugged right in. However, ⁣did not work and was not recognized by oven. 2/5
Works perfectly 5/5
Fits our new LG electric stove perfectly. Seems to be a close duplicate of LG probe⁣ that came with oven. Has been working ‍well. 4/5
My Bosch 800 series oven did not ⁣recognize or ‌utilize the ​probe. 2/5
Love it make cooking​ easy. 5/5

Overall, customers have‍ had⁣ mixed experiences with the ⁣00755060 Meat Probe Thermometer. While some have found ‍it to be a good⁣ and affordable replacement for their original probes, others have had ‌issues with compatibility⁣ and functionality. It seems to ⁣work well with ⁢certain brands ⁣and models, but not so​ much with⁢ others. If it fits and works with your oven, it can ​be a‍ great ‌value for the price.

Pros & Cons
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Pros & Cons


1. Compatible⁢ with a wide‌ range of Thermador, Bosch, ⁤and BSH models
2. Made of durable silicone⁣ and stainless ‍steel materials
3. Easy to install ⁣and use
4. Exact temperature readings⁣ for‍ perfectly cooked meals
5. Replaces multiple part numbers, making it a versatile option


1. Not an ⁢OEM product
2. May not fit all oven models, so check compatibility before purchasing
3. Limited color options
4. Does not come with detailed installation instructions

Overall, the ‍00755060 Meat Probe⁢ Thermometer is a reliable and efficient ⁢tool for achieving perfect cooking results. Its compatibility with ⁤various models and durable construction make it a valuable addition to ​any kitchen. Just be sure​ to ⁢double-check ‌compatibility and follow proper installation steps for optimal⁣ use. Q&A
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Q: Is this ⁢meat probe thermometer compatible with other brands besides Thermador,​ Bosch, and ‌BSH?
A: Yes, this ​meat probe thermometer is compatible with various ‍brands ⁤of ranges, ‌ovens, bakers, ​and grills.⁢ We recommend checking your original part and comparing ‍it with ours to ensure compatibility.

Q: ​How do I use this meat probe thermometer?
A: To use the meat probe thermometer, simply insert the probe into the meat before cooking.⁤ Ensure that ‍the probe is in the thickest part of the⁢ meat, avoiding contact with‍ bones which can affect ⁢temperature⁢ readings. You can then ⁣monitor the⁣ internal temperature of the meat throughout⁤ the cooking process.

Q: What temperatures are recommended for different types of meat?
A: For beef, lamb, and veal, rare is typically 125°F, medium is 145°F, and well done is ​160°F. Meaty fish should be cooked to 125°F for rare, 140°F⁣ for medium, and 150°F for well⁣ done. Pork⁣ and sausage should ⁤reach‌ a temperature of 150-160°F for well done.

Q: How do I clean and maintain the meat probe ⁣thermometer?
A: To clean the meat probe thermometer, wipe it down ⁢with a damp cloth after each⁢ use. Avoid submerging the probe in water or using harsh cleaning agents‍ as this can damage the thermometer. Store⁢ the thermometer ​in a cool,‍ dry place when⁤ not in use⁢ to prolong its lifespan.

Q: Can⁤ I replace this meat⁢ probe thermometer with other compatible parts?
A: Yes, this meat probe thermometer is a replacement ‌part for various ‍models and can be used ⁤as a substitute‍ for other compatible​ parts. Please refer to the cross-reference ​parts numbers listed ‍in the product description to ensure ​compatibility⁢ with your appliance. Achieve New Heights
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As we wrap up our review‌ of the 00755060 Meat ⁤Probe Thermometer Compatible with Thermador, Bosch, BSH Range Stove, Oven,‌ Grill, Baker, we are excited to see the potential this product has‌ to sizzle your ⁢way to meat-cooking perfection. With its stainless steel 304 tube and flexible ⁤silicone cable, this‌ thermometer is designed to take your culinary skills to the next level. Say goodbye to overcooked​ or undercooked meats with this handy tool ‍in your kitchen arsenal.

If⁤ you’re ready to elevate your cooking game, ⁣click the link‌ below to get your hands on the Thermador Meat Thermometer today:

Get the Thermador Meat Thermometer now!

Happy cooking, and may‍ your‍ meals always be perfectly cooked to your desired temperature.​ Cheers!

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