Stay Safe & Organized with PECULA Refrigerator Thermometer

Stay safe and organized with the PECULA Refrigerator Thermometer. This 2 pack of classic fridge analog thermometers is a must-have for any household. With a temperature range of -30~30°C/-20~80°F, you can easily monitor the temperature of your freezer, refrigerator, or cooler. The large dial and red indicator make it easy to read at a glance, ensuring your food stays at the optimal temperature. Whether you’re storing perishable items or just want to keep track of your appliance’s performance, these thermometers are a reliable tool to have on hand. Plus, with two included in the pack, you can easily keep track of multiple appliances or share one with a friend or family member. Stay on top of food safety and organization with the PECULA Refrigerator Thermometer.