Revolutionize How You Take Temperatures with Exogen Thermometers

Welcome to our review of the⁣ Exergen ‍Temporal Scan ​Forehead ​Artery Baby Thermometer Tat-2000c Scanner,​ Digital!​ As parents ourselves, we ⁤understand the importance of having a reliable and ‌accurate thermometer on hand, ​especially when it comes to our little ones. ‍After using this​ innovative⁤ thermometer, we were ‌truly impressed by its performance and‌ ease ⁣of use.

The⁣ Exergen ‍Temporal Scan Forehead⁤ Artery Baby⁢ Thermometer brings a new level of accuracy to temperature readings with its gentle forehead‍ scan. Not only is ⁤it more accurate ​than ear thermometers, but it is also ‌as reliable as rectal thermometers, making it a top choice ​for premier hospitals.

One of the standout features of this ⁤thermometer is its patented Arterial​ Heat Balance technology, which captures naturally⁤ emitted heat ⁢from the⁢ skin over the temporal ⁢artery. The red ‌LED lights​ and soft beep indicate when you have the correct scan, ⁢and the thermometer takes 1,000 readings per second ​to ensure ‌the most accurate temperature ⁣reading.

With its​ direct⁣ connection to the⁢ heart via the carotid ‍artery, the temporal ⁤artery is the safest and most convenient‌ place to measure ⁣temperature, especially⁢ for young children or those with ear infections. In fact, renowned pediatricians have praised the accuracy and ease of use of the TemporalScanner, making it a must-have for every family.

Overall, we found the Exergen Temporal Scan Forehead Artery Baby Thermometer ⁤Tat-2000c ⁣Scanner, ​Digital ⁣to be ‍a‌ game-changer when it comes to measuring our child’s temperature. Its advanced technology‍ and reliable performance make it a valuable tool for every parent’s⁢ medicine​ cabinet. We highly recommend it to anyone looking for a better thermometer for their child.

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Our experience with the Exergen Temporal Scan ⁢Forehead Artery ‍Baby Thermometer Tat-2000c Scanner, Digital has been nothing⁣ short of impressive. The accurate temperature readings ‍provided with⁢ a gentle forehead‌ scan‌ make it stand out from other‍ thermometers on the market.⁤ The patented Arterial Heat Balance technology ensures ⁣that each reading is precise and trustworthy, which is essential for parents.

We were particularly impressed by the ease of use of‌ this thermometer. The red ⁣LED lights and soft beep indicate​ a correct scan, making it simple to use even ⁣on a ⁤sleeping child or one with an ear ⁤infection. The convenience of not needing probe covers⁣ and the comfort​ of using the temporal artery for temperature measurement make this thermometer a must-have for every family. With professional technology designed for parents, we highly recommend this⁤ thermometer⁣ for accurate and‌ stress-free temperature monitoring. Get yours today!

Innovative Technology and ⁤Precision Performance
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Innovative Technology and Precision Performance:

Utilizing​ patented Arterial Heat Balance technology, this thermometer provides accurate temperature readings‌ through a gentle forehead scan. By capturing the naturally emitted heat from the skin over the temporal artery, this thermometer⁣ ensures precision without the need for probe covers.​ The ​device selects⁤ the most accurate reading out ‍of 1,000 taken per ⁤second,⁤ ensuring you get ⁤the correct temperature every ⁤time. The ⁤temporal artery, directly connected to the heart via the carotid artery, provides a constant blood flow for the most accurate measurements. ⁤This thermometer is not only ​recommended for the entire family, but also by premier hospitals​ for its reliability and ease ⁢of⁢ use.

Product Dimensions Item Model Number Batteries Date First⁢ Available
6 x ⁤8 x 2 inches; 6.4 ounces TAT-2000C 1 9V batteries required December 1, 2006

Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to ​your​ family’s health. With this⁢ Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer, you can confidently monitor ​your child’s⁤ temperature ⁤with precision and ease. Don’t just take ‍our word for it – trusted healthcare professionals have also endorsed ⁤the accuracy and reliability of this innovative thermometer. Join‍ the countless ​satisfied parents⁤ who have made ⁣the switch and experience the convenience ‌and accuracy‍ of this ⁤must-have device for your family. Stay ahead of illness and ensure your loved ⁣ones’‌ health with this professional-grade technology‌ at‍ your ​fingertips.

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User-Friendly Design and‍ Convenience
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When it comes ‍to user-friendly design and convenience, the Exergen Temporal Scan Forehead⁣ Artery Baby‌ Thermometer Tat-2000c Scanner,‍ Digital really shines. With its gentle stroke of⁤ the forehead, it captures naturally emitted ​heat from the skin over the​ temporal⁤ artery, ensuring an accurate temperature reading. The red LED lights and soft beep indicate a⁢ correct‌ scan, making it easy to use even on ​a sleeping child or ​one with an ear infection. Plus, the Arterial Heat Balance technology‍ takes⁣ 1,000 readings per second to⁢ select the most accurate temperature, providing peace‌ of mind for parents.

Not ⁤only is the Exergen Temporal Scanner accurate and easy to use, but it is also recommended by ​premier hospitals. The temporal artery is ⁢directly connected to the heart‍ via⁣ the⁤ carotid artery, making it the safest and most convenient place to measure temperature. In ⁣fact, a Harvard ‌Medical School⁢ study found ⁣that the ​temporal artery thermometer was more accurate than the tympanic thermometer in every measure used. With a professional technology that parents⁢ can trust, this thermometer is a must-have for any family. Check it out on‍ Amazon to experience the convenience and accuracy for yourself!Final Verdict and RecommendationsAfter testing the Exergen Temporal Scan Forehead Artery Baby Thermometer on children, we can⁣ confidently say that this thermometer is incredibly accurate and⁣ reliable. The gentle forehead‌ scan⁤ method is not only more​ accurate than ‍ear thermometers but ‌also as precise as ‌rectal thermometers, making it the ideal choice for ‌parents who want the best for their children. The patented Arterial Heat Balance technology ensures that⁣ you ‍get the correct ⁢temperature every time, providing peace of mind for parents.

The‍ TemporalScanner is not only recommended by premier hospitals, pediatricians, and parents, but it⁤ has also been praised by experts in the field.‌ With its ease of use, safety, and comfort, there’s ⁤no doubt that the Exergen ‌Temporal ‍Scanner is a ‍must-have for every family. If you’re looking for a reliable​ thermometer that provides⁢ accurate readings without the‌ hassle, we highly recommend giving the Exergen Temporal Scan Forehead Artery Baby‍ Thermometer a try.⁤ Click here to get yours today! Customer⁢ Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After ​analyzing customer reviews for the Exergen Temporal Scan ⁣Forehead Artery Baby Thermometer‌ Tat-2000c⁣ Scanner, Digital, we have gathered valuable insights about this innovative product.

Positive Reviews Highlights

  • Accurate and consistent temperature‌ readings
  • Fast​ and precise temperature measurement
  • Easy to use for adults ⁢and⁣ newborns
  • Good value for the price
  • Non-invasive and quiet operation

Negative Reviews Highlights

  • Initial setup and function switching could be⁢ confusing
  • Battery cover might be difficult to ⁢remove
  • Instructions could be improved for better user experience

Customer Recommendations

Based on the reviews, ‌customers who value‍ accuracy, ease of use, and non-invasive temperature ‌measurement ⁣methods would ‌greatly benefit from the Exergen Temporal Thermometer. It is‌ particularly recommended for parents with ⁣newborns, healthcare professionals, and individuals looking for reliable‌ temperature readings.

Customer Ratings Overview

5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars 2 Stars 1 Star
75% 15% 7% 2% 1%

Pros & Cons


Exergen Temporal Scan Forehead Artery Baby Thermometer TAT-2000c Scanner,‌ Digital⁣ offers ​a number of benefits that make ‌it⁢ a‌ valuable ⁤addition ⁤to any household:

1. Accurate Temperature Readings
2. Gentle Forehead Scan
3. Method of choice for premier hospitals
4. Safe to use on sleeping child or child with ear infection
5. No probe covers needed


While the⁣ Exergen⁣ Temporal Scan Forehead⁤ Artery Baby‍ Thermometer TAT-2000c Scanner, Digital has numerous advantages, there are a few drawbacks to consider:

1.‍ Requires a 9 ‌Volt battery
2. May not be suitable for individuals who are sensitive to⁣ light or sound

Q&AQ: How does the Exergen Temporal Scan Forehead Artery Thermometer work?
A: The thermometer uses a gentle stroke ‍of the forehead to capture naturally emitted heat from the skin over the temporal artery. The ⁢red⁢ LED lights and‌ soft beep indicate a correct⁤ scan, and the Arterial Heat Balance technology computes the accurate temperature.

Q: Is the ​Exergen Temporal Scan ⁢Forehead Artery ‌Thermometer recommended for children with ear infections or who are sleeping?
A: Yes,⁣ the thermometer⁢ is safe to ​use on sleeping children or⁣ those with ear infections, as it does not require probe covers like traditional thermometers.

Q: How accurate is the Exergen Temporal Scan Forehead Artery Thermometer compared to ‍other types of thermometers?
A: According‌ to studies⁣ conducted ⁣by ⁣medical professionals, the temporal artery thermometer has been found to be more accurate than tympanic ‌(ear) thermometers and may even be as accurate as‍ rectal ⁣thermometers.

Q: Is ⁣the Exergen Temporal Scan Forehead Artery​ Thermometer easy to use?
A: Yes, the ⁢thermometer is ⁣safe, convenient, and comfortable to⁣ use for the entire family. It⁤ takes 1,000 readings per second and selects the most accurate temperature⁢ for you.

Q: ⁤How long does the battery ⁤last for the Exergen Temporal Scan Forehead⁢ Artery Thermometer?
A: The ⁢thermometer requires 1 9V‌ battery (best with ⁤Polaroid ​9V‌ batteries) and is‌ efficient for‌ home use. The battery is included with the thermometer.

Overall, the Exergen Temporal Scan Forehead Artery Thermometer provides a safe, accurate,‍ and convenient⁤ way to measure temperatures for ​the whole family.‌ Highly recommended by medical professionals and parents ​alike, this thermometer is a must-have in every home. Reveal the ExtraordinaryAs we wrap up our‍ review of the Exergen Temporal Scan ⁤Forehead Artery Baby Thermometer Tat-2000c Scanner, ​Digital, we are truly impressed by its accuracy, ease⁤ of use,‌ and innovative technology. The‍ Exergen thermometer truly revolutionizes how you take temperatures, providing a safer and more ⁤convenient option for the whole family.

If you’re looking for a reliable and accurate thermometer ⁢for your child or yourself, we highly recommend the Exergen ⁤Temporal Scanner.‌ Don’t ⁢just take ​our word for it, the‌ testimonials from medical professionals speak for themselves.

Experience the magic ⁤of the TemporalScanner for yourself and ⁢make temperature taking a ⁣breeze. Get⁣ your Exergen thermometer now ⁤by clicking⁢ the link below:

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Stay healthy and stay informed ⁣with Exergen. Thank you for reading!

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